All About Sleep Apnea and its Treatment in Boerne, TX

added on: December 10, 2015

We’ve long known that sleep apnea is a condition that affects adults — but did you know that obstructive sleep apnea can also affect children? And sleep problems are a big problem for everyone, but especially young children with growing bodies and minds. Sleep apnea in Boerne, TX must be treated for sufferers of any age. Keep reading to learn more about the condition and its treatment from
Dr. Kurt Mackie.

Sleep Apnea: A Serious Condition That Affects People of All Ages

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when the muscles of the mouth are so relaxed during sleep that they collapse into the back of the throat and block the proper flow of air. Those suffering from sleep apnea can have their sleep interrupted as many as 100 times per night — for as long as 10 seconds each time.

Left untreated, sleep apnea can have serious effects on health. In fact, adults suffering from this condition are more likely to suffer from heart problems, including cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. Children suffering from OSA may exhibit learning or behavioral disorders. Their growth and learning could be impacted as a result of the condition, too.

It’s extremely important to recognize the symptoms of sleep apnea in order to seek a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Signs you or a loved one suffer from the condition include:

  • Loud, chronic snoring
  • Frequent waking during the night with a gasp or choking sound
  • A dry mouth and sore throat upon waking
  • Difficulty concentrating during the daytime
  • Fatigue and other symptoms associated with poor sleep

Once you recognize the symptoms of sleep apnea in yourself or a loved one, a diagnosis, treatment and much-needed relief aren’t far behind.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Boerne, TX

Sleep apnea treatment with Boerne’s Dr. Mackie consists of a non-surgical method, using a removable oral appliance. You can think of the device like the kind of mouthguard athletes wear. It works by holding the lower jaw and tongue into place while you’re asleep, preventing their collapse and ensuring you receive a restful eight hours of sleep, every single night.

Patients who have sought sleep apnea treatment with Dr. Mackie in Boerne agree — you just can’t put a pricetag on a good night’s sleep.

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