If you live in Boerne or a nearby community, you’ll find the comprehensive dental help you need at Dr. Kurt Mackie Dentistry.

Dr. Mackie and his team have a unique ability to provide quality family dental services while understanding the importance of what comprehensive dental means to many individuals.

Our wide range of services combined with our team’s training and experience enable us to provide our patients with fully personalized care. At every appointment, we’ll go above and beyond to learn as much as we can about your oral health needs.

Having a thorough understanding of your smile will help us create a more accurate treatment plan.


Quality Family Dental Care Encompasses:


Child and adolescent evaluations and maintenance of optimal dental health to provide for ideal growth and development.

Conservative adult dental care and maintenance that assures the health and stability of your entire mouth for your whole life.

Creative, cosmetic dental solutions to give patients of any age a flawless smile.


Comprehensive Dental Solutions:

Many adults have experienced frustration with the premature failure of their dental restorations. While there are many reasons for these situations, comprehensive dental care addresses the issue. Comprehensive care begins with a thorough and advanced evaluation and diagnosis. Without this proper understanding no treatment will be successful.

Upon returning for a very relaxed consultation that may last over an hour to provide ample time to fully understand your unique condition, the appropriate dental solutions are discussed. Once you are comfortable with your decisions, we provide a detailed sequence of treatment schedules and financial arrangements. All treatments are comprehensive and may involve numerous dental disciplines, but your care will always be completed in a timely and efficient way.

Imagine smiling with a newfound sense of confidence or enjoying delicious and nutritious foods you haven’t been able to eat for years. With the treatment provided at Dr. Kurt Mackie Dentistry, those goals are possible. If you have questions about the plan we recommend, we’ll be happy to answer them.

We want every one of our patients to have the information they need to make an informed choice about their dental care. Beautiful life-long results are within your reach. Visit the smile gallery, and imagine the possibilities.

How Often Should I Visit Dr. mackie?

Dr. Mackie believes that optimum dental health requires personalized maintenance appointments. All the recent research supports that the majority of patients maintain the best levels of oral health by scheduling quarterly continual care appointments.

Regular checkups and cleanings will help us catch any developing issues before they have a chance to become serious. Preventing common problems is one of our biggest priorities, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you create and maintain a perfectly healthy smile.

Is it time for your next appointment with Dr. Mackie? Call our Boerne dental office today to reserve your appointment.

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