CEREC same-day crowns eliminate the need for a second or third visit. During your appointment, Dr. Mackie prepares your tooth just as he would for a traditional crown, and takes a digital impression.

Then, using the DIGITAL scan of your prepared tooth, Dr. Mackie designs your crown on a chairside 3D screen. Our CEREC machine mills the custom crown on the spot using two burs to shape a ingot of porcelain.

These ingots of dental ceramic are industrially compressed to provide some of the densest porcelains available. When your crown is complete, we ensure that it fits properly. Once Dr. Mackie makes any necessary adjustments, our on-site lab will glaze and polish the crown before we cement it in place.

CEREC Crowns

CEREC crowns are bonded to natural tooth structure using light-cured bonding resin. Afterward, you’ll have a beautifully restored smile you’ll want to share with the world.

Dr. Mackie has used CEREC computer assisted design (CAD) and computer assisted manufacture (CAM) technology for more than 25 years, and this experience has prepared him to offer only the highest quality same-day crowns utilizing CEREC CAD/CAM technology.