While a fixed bridge will help you fill in one or two consecutive gaps, to replace numerous or non-consecutive missing teeth full or partial dentures may be necessary. At our office, in Boerne, we can help you enjoy restored appearance and good health. With a properly sized and balanced removable prosthetic, it is possible for patients to achieve comfort and confidence while eating and speaking.

Partial dentures, which are often referred to simply as partials, replace multiple teeth and can be spread out to fill gaps in your existing smile like a puzzle piece. Unlike a dental bridge, partials are held in place by easy to remove clips or brackets. This makes cleaning a partial after meals or at the end of the day simple. Just remove your partial and clean both the removable prosthetic and remaining teeth and gums.

A full upper or lower arch denture is a prosthetic designed to replace an entire row of teeth. Your full denture is made of replacement teeth on a carefully constructed base that resembles natural gum tissue, and is held in place by natural suction or an adhesive. Upper dentures are typically secure with just natural suction, but adhesive can be used for extra dependability. Lower dentures tend to be more difficult to adjust to, but with a properly balanced denture and strong dental adhesive patients can adjust quickly. Because your full denture is removable, just like a partial, you’ll need to clean it properly every day. We recommend cleaning your denture after meals and soaking it in water or a special denture cleaner overnight.

Overtime, your denture may start to feel less secure. This can happen for a number of reasons, but typically dentures become loosened due to physical changes. Gum tissue recession, loss of jawbone density, stretching of denture material overtime, and even gaining or losing weight can affect the fit of your dentures. Dr. Mackie can typically reshape your dentures or reline them with acrylic so they fit more securely, and most adjustments can be done in one office visit.

To start the treatment process with a partial or full denture, you’ll visit Dr. Mackie in Boerne, TX, for a consultation. During your visit, we’ll complete a full oral exam to assess the exact nature of your needs. Afterward, we can talk to you about the option that’s best for you. We’ll explain exactly what you can expect from your next few visits, and we can even talk to you about the possibility of implant-retained dentures, if your jaw appears strong enough to support them. If you’re not a good candidate for implant-retained dentures, don’t worry—traditional partials and dentures are an excellent option for anyone who wants to significantly improve their oral health.