Dr. Kurt Mackie is dedicated to providing every patient the effective, high quality care they deserve. In order to provide the best possible service, our office partners with many dental specialists to coordinate superior oral health treatments for every patient. Dr. Mackie thinks of dental specialists as a football team each playing an integral role in the successful outcome of the game. As your general dentist, Dr. Mackie considers himself your quarterback, directing you to the most skilled hands to complete the task at hand.


Advanced & Specialty Dentistry

Advanced Care with Advanced Technology

To provide our Boerne-area patients with the most comprehensive care possible, we offer a range of advanced services and have invested in some state-of-the-art instruments. With these tools and services, we can provide you with more efficient or customized care. Maybe you’re having some difficulty with sleep apnea or gum disease, or maybe you’re looking for a way you can achieve a straighter smile. Whatever your situation, our Boerne dental team is here to help.

Digital X-Rays/Cone Beam System

Because we’re dedicated to offering our patients personalized care, we’ve invested in digital technology that allows us to see your smile with absolute clarity while using the minimal amount of radiation exposure. A visual exam will only tell us so much about your teeth. But with the images we can capture with our digital radiographs and panoramic system, we can visualize parts of your mouth that are hard to see with the naked eye alone. As a result, we can offer you a more accurate diagnosis and create a more considered and efficient treatment plan.

Soft Tissue Laser Services

Our Boerne dental practice uses a soft tissue laser to provide patients with comfortable, efficient treatment for gum disease. Using our laser, we can touch only the tissues that need our help, resulting in a less invasive procedure overall and a shorter recovery afterward. We can also use our laser for cosmetic gum recontouring. During your recontouring procedure, we can remove excess gum tissue to reveal a fuller, shapelier smile.

Children’s Dentistry

Adults aren’t the only ones who need to see a dentist for routine checkups and cleanings. Children are special and require more time than adults. We enjoy taking the time to help your little one enjoy advanced protection. We can also help your son or daughter learn the importance of brushing and flossing, so they can start developing healthy oral care habits now.

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