Dental Patient Testimonials

See What Boerne Patients Are Saying


“I highly recommend Dr. Mackie and his team. I am a middle aged adult and have never been given such a thorough and informative dental exam.

The hygienist and her assistant were kind and helpful and explained everything that was going on. Benay at the front desk was a Godsend – from booking my appointment to getting a handle on my paperwork and insurance.

I am very happy to get my dental care from this practice!”

Matilda R.

“I walked in today without an appointment and was expecting to pay a lot of money and be belittled because I haven’t been to the dentist in 20 years (and I didn’t care because I was in pain and y’all would see me). Instead, y’all helped me right away and were so nice at the front desk. Then Dr. Mackie came in and made me feel very comfortable, fixed my pain, and put a plan together to fix my teeth. I also felt that the fee was super fair. Thank y’all so much!

PS – luckily my kids have a good mother that made sure they have nice teeth and both are almost done with braces. You gained four more customers today since we have been needing a dentist closer to home.”


“Dr. Mackie is a wonderful dentist and he does wonderful work. Why he got my business, what sold ME and MY MOM, is not just his super friendly staff, his convenient location or his wise decision to come to Boerne … but that his lovely assistant, Dolores, has worked with Dr. Mackie since he began his practice, over 30 years ago. Now that’s a remarkable team!”

Cy Young

“I dealt with dental problems most of my life. As a child, my parents and I visited the dentist office for regular check-ups, and 9 times out of 10, I would have to return because of some dental problem. As I grew older, it was even more important for me to continue my cleaning and regular check-ups, but I began to realize that my dental issues never went away because I only got “patch-up” work done from the many dentists I encountered.

Even if I didn’t have numerous dental health concerns, I hated to smile because of the way my teeth looked!!

On a visit to my regular dentist, I was referred to an orthodontist because he thought I needed braces!!!! When I saw the orthodontist he asked me how and why I was referred to him, I began to share my experiences and to tell him how I felt and what I really wanted at that point in my “dental” life. He then said to me, “you don’t need to see me, you need to see Dr. Mackie”!

On my first visit with Dr Mackie he explained in FULL detail what most of my problems were, which no other dentist had ever taken the time to do. My recommended procedure was a lengthy one, but with Dr. Mackie’s help, I did it! The rest, my friends, is history!!”

Angie F.

“Dr. Mackie listens to concerns, fully explains his diagnosis, and never makes you feel pressured. I highly recommend him and his team.”

Mandy P. Ramirez

“After I had an accident, I required extensive dental work. Dr. Mackie was extraordinary! Thanks for your expert work! You are the best!”

Felix Ramirez

“I have been a fortunate patient of Dr. Kurt Mackie, D DDS for the past several years and, with great pride in his outstanding professional work in resolving my complex dental indications, I heartily recommend him to anyone who seeks the finest dentist in the profession. Never in my life have I been so completely satisfied with any health care provider as I am with him. He not only addresses the immediate dental issues at hand, but he also pays close attention to potential dental concerns (past and present) that could be useful to the patient. Dr. Mackie also educates the patient as may be appropriate during every step of the procedures. On a personal level Dr. Mackie and his wonderful assistant Delores are friendly, engaged with the patient and genuinely delights to know. Today, though Dr. Mackie is hundreds of miles from me, my wife and I will continue to see him as needed because no one matches his professional skills and splendid character.”

Geral S