How Can I Stop My Teeth From Staining? 

added on: December 14, 2022

If you’re embarrassed by your teeth, you’re not alone. More than 50% of Americans are insecure about their teeth. This may mean that you cover your mouth when you laugh or smile without your teeth showing in photographs. A lot of the time, smile insecurity is due to the color of teeth. While many things can cause tooth staining, your dentist in Boerne wants you to know that there are several ways you can stop tooth staining in its tracks. 

Stop Smoking

One of the main things that cause tooth discoloration is smoking and using other forms of tobacco. Tobacco, along with other ingredients in cigarettes and even smokeless tobacco, is known to cause the yellowing of teeth. Additionally, since tobacco products also contain addictive ingredients, it’s not uncommon for these products to be used several times throughout the day. This means that teeth are constantly exposed to the staining ingredients. Additionally, tobacco stains are harder to remove. While your dentist in Boerne supports quitting smoking and using other tobacco products, we understand that they are difficult to quit. Keep in mind that tobacco use is a leading cause of oral health problems, including oral cancer.   

Eat Healthy

Certain foods and drinks such as red wine, tea, coffee, soda, and even pasta sauce can cause tooth staining. But there are also some foods that can actually help reduce staining. Snacking on raw vegetables and fruits such as apples, celery, or even some types of cheese can gently scrub away surface stains. 

Brush Your Teeth Often

Your dentist in Boerne will always recommend that all patients brush their teeth twice a day, every day, for two minutes. However, brushing your teeth after meals, particularly the ones that can contribute to tooth staining, is also important. If you can’t thoroughly brush your teeth, try rinsing your mouth out with water to help remove staining ingredients. 

If you find yourself in a position where you can’t rinse your mouth out with water, find some sugarless gum and chew it for a little while to remove even more food particles.

Straws Can Help

While it may seem silly, a simple straw is a great way to reduce the risk of tooth discoloration when drinking a tooth-staining beverage. Straws help the liquid bypass teeth and decrease the likelihood of staining. There are several reusable straws you can buy and carry with you in case you run into a situation where straws aren’t available. 

To be frank, tooth discoloration happens, sometimes even if you try your hardest to prevent it. But the good news is that there are several cosmetic dentistry options available for whitening teeth and even reversing discoloration. From smile whitening treatments to cosmetic dentistry solutions, like dental veneers, your dentist in Boerne will help you find the best way to whiten your teeth.